Excellent optics

Galilean microscope with 5x magnification

Galilean-type design

Sophisticated microscopy

The BQ 900 is equipped by default with a Galilean microscope providing a five-step magnification ranging from 6.3× up to 40×. Thanks to its high light transmission and optical excellence it offers a detail-rich and superb clinical view.

LED illumination

Powerful lighting for a sharp & homogenous slit

All current Haag-Streit slit lamps are equipped with powerful LED illumination creating a very sharp and homogenous slit. The tilting frame allows good posterior segment observation, while the defocusing option enhances observation with indirect illumination. All filter and slit controls are conveniently situated for ease of use and allow for smooth and effortless movement.

Precision optics

Adhering to the high standards

Committed to offer only superior quality of optics, all optical components of a Haag-Streit slit lamp undergo rigorous quality inspections at various stages of the manufacturing and assembly process. This way, optimal and consistent quality is guaranteed.

Yellow filter

For high contrast fluorescein images

This optional yellow barrier filter provides additional contrast to fluorescein images. It can be mounted permanently on the slit lamp and the yellow filter can easily be enabled or disabled

Stereo variator

Enhanced view on fundus

The optional stereo variator allows changing the angle of stereoscopic observation from 13° to 4.5°. This facilitates the stereoscopic examination of the fundus, peripheral parts of the retina and the vitreous, even under unfavourable conditions such as high myopia and small pupils. In those cases, reduction of the angle enlarges the stereoscopic field of view while maintaining stereoscopic depth information.