A reliable exam lane to fit your needs and your budget

Dependable solution

A reliable & cost-effective solution for optometrists

The Reliance Optometry Workplace has been designed to provide a reliable and cost-effective solution on which optometrists can depend.  

It combines the necessary equipment needed for a classic optometry exam lane, consisting of world-class, proven Reliance and Haag-Streit components, including:  

  • Dependable Reliance SL3, a slit lamp optimized with Haag-Streit optics that you can trust in any clinical situation 
  • Proven Haag-Streit AT 870 Goldmann applanation tonometer (GAT), the gold standard for fast and highly reproducible IOP measurements  
  • Trusted Reliance 7900 Instrument Stand, which is used daily by tens of thousands of eyecare specialists worldwide  
  • Durable Reliance 6200 or Reliance 520 Examination Chair*, both with proven power hydraulics that reliably position the patient. The chosen examination chair is paired with the popular Reliance 4246 Examination Stool, on which the operator can comfortably sit.


The Reliance Optometry Workplace provides excellent value, maintaining a low total cost of ownership due to the proven longevity of each high-quality component and the outstanding service and support you can depend on from Reliance and Haag-Streit. 

* To provide a broader choice, we are now offering optometrists the option of adding the Reliance 520 OR the Reliance 6200 chair to the exam lane.

The dependable Reliance SL3 by Haag-Streit

The Reliance SL3 slit lamp has been developed in collaboration between Haag-Streit and a partner with decades of experience in slit lamp development and manufacturing, and has been specifically designed to meet the expectations and demands of optometrists* 

This slit lamp has been thoroughly evaluated by Haag-Streit and genuine Haag-Streit optical elements have been introduced in the imaging chain.

*For a more advanced slit lamp, please consider the Haag-Streit BQ 900, BP 900, BI 900, or BM 900.

The proven gold standard in IOP measurement

The inclusion of the Swiss-made Haag-Streit AT 870 Goldmann applanation tonometer, the gold standard in tonometry, allows IOP measurements to be taken as part of a routine examination while the patient is sitting at the SL3 slit lamp.

Efficient operation from any angle

The Reliance 6200 Examination Chair boasts efficient operation from both sides of the chair. Its ergonomic design facilitates contact with the patient and eliminates wasted movements. The chair offers a manual pneumatic assisted recline examination featuring a chair-to-table position and a powered hydraulic lift that raises the patient smoothly. The versatile recline bar is reachable from both sides of the chair top, making it easy to access from any position, and activates the counterbalanced recline.

The Reliance 6200 features armrests that lock into place and release for easy patient access, while the large, hinged footrest supports the patient’s total weight. Boasting long-lasting, American-made craftsmanship, this chair is beautifully finished in hand-crafted upholstery and is available in black and charcoal. The workplace includes one examination chair. Choose this Reliance 6200, or the Reliance 520.

Providing maximum comfort & durability

The Reliance 520 manual pneumatic-assisted tilt-recline Examination Chair is exceptionally durable. It features a manual recline bar, easily accessible from both sides of the chair, which controls the assisted tilt of the chair up to 40°.

It offers a modern design and a padded, large headrest for increased patient comfort. The hinged footrest safely supports the patient’s total weight and folds away to save space. In addition, upholstered armrests rotate up to allow patients to move in and out from either chair side.

Boasting long-lasting, American-made craftsmanship, this chair is beautifully finished in hand-crafted upholstery and is available in black and charcoal. The workplace includes one examination chair. Choose this Reliance 520, or the Reliance 6200.

A trusted instrument stand used worldwide

The trusted Reliance 7900 IC instrument stand is constructed in state-of-the-art base material, including the same polycarbonate used on supersonic aircraft to resist scrapes, scratches, and scuffs. Manufactured in the USA, its sleek design provides complete access to patients and includes chair controls and three wells for handheld instruments. The lower slit lamp arm enables you to deliver care to wheelchair-bound patients.

Stable, stylish & comfortable

The Reliance 4246 pneumatic-assist lift examination stool has a comfortable 15" round seat with an adjustable, tilted backrest. American-made, it is beautifully finished in hand-crafted black or charcoal upholstery. 

Horizontal and vertical movement tailor the stool to an ergonomic fit. The legs are finished in tough, black epoxy enamel.

Offering a level of support that is unmatched

Ultimately, with the Reliance Optometry Workplace, you are investing in a premium optometry solution that represents the proven values of Reliance and Haag-Streit. 

Purchasing a single workplace solution ensures that everything works optimally together as a complete system, providing a cost-effective, dependable exam lane. In addition, with the respected Reliance brand, you have total peace of mind that you are entering into a long-term relationship with a US-based partner that will fully support you throughout the workplace solution's lifecycle, ensuring all the components are in full working order and limiting practice downtime. 

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