Cutting edge training systems tailored to your needs

Flattening the learning curve

Accelerating product acceptance

Customized simulators can be a valuable means when introducing new technologies to the market. Virtual reality makes training safer, easier, and more cost-efficient. By flattening the learning curve, custom simulators can significantly accelerate customers’ acceptance of new products. Haag-Streit Simulation accomplishes cooperation projects on different scopes with industry partners such as Genentech, GEUDER, Insight Instruments, and Preceyes.

Creating new training realities

Efficient learning methods

Virtual reality technologies are about to change training paradigms fundamentally. There are numerous means to augment the learning process and incorporate visual, acoustic, or haptic feedback. With more than 20 years on the market, Haag-Streit has profound experience in designing curricula that engage users through self-explanatory learning content. Gamified courses guide users while maintaining a high level of motivation.

Making performance measurable

Computer-based assessment

Computer-based VR applications create and control every aspect of the simulated scenario. Accordingly, almost any conceivable performance metric can be measured to provide thorough and objective feedback on user performance. This allows to define evaluation and certification models tailored precisely to individual needs.

Additional services

Network services

Easy updates, synchronization & administration

Haag-Streit Simulation offers network capabilities for custom simulators. The networking function allows for automatic software updates and synchronization of training data. Furthermore, users can be managed and monitored over multiple training systems.

Packaging & shipping

Haag-Streit ships simulators to customers and trade shows all over the world. Our packaging has been designed to sustain the strains of transcontinental transport. Robust cargo case designs and shipping solutions are part of our value proposition.

Service & support

Remote or on-site

We offer remote support or on-site support during special events to ensure maximum reliability when it counts most. Haag-Streit Simulation also offers various levels of software support and warranty extensions.