HD cameras & monitors

Easily integrated imaging solution


High-quality documentation

C.MOR HD is a full HD color video camera designed for the Hi-R NEO 900 microscope. Its ultra-compact camera head houses a high-standard 1/3" CMOS sensor. C.MOR HD reacts very quickly to environmental changes and always provides a precise image under all conditions. The camera is available as a one chip HD or three chip HD³ camera.


Standard imaging solution

The one chip camera C.MOR HD offers a resolution of 900 TV lines and an S/N ratio of 50 dB for crisp and sharp images. Different user settings allow for individual adjustments.


High sensitivity solution

C.MOR HD³ excels in situations with low light levels or conditions that show partly extremely bright and dark areas. Its high resolution and high sensitivity are key. The C.MOR HD³ is a perfect fit to the surgical microscope’s settings which makes it easy to handle. Yet individual user settings are intuitive to adjust.


Better views of the surgery

For displaying the camera view of the surgery, Haag-Streit offers two microscope mounted monitor solutions: CMON HD and M.DIS.


Convenient coobservation

With its flat design and 21.5" size, the brilliant HD monitor C.MON HD can easily be attached to the microscope‘s floor stand. Its touch function can be operated even with surgical gloves. Due to the planar screen and glass surface, it can be disinfected easily. For the safety of the system, the C.MON HD is fully approved for medical use.


In direct view of the surgeon

The M.DIS (Microscope Display) is a touch screen mounted close to the oculars in the surgeon’s direct view. It can visualize up to three different video inputs that are connected to the screen via M.BOX S. To switch between the different video inputs a simple finger tap is all that is needed. When connected to the Haag-Streit recording and documentation software MIOS 5, the M.DIS acts as a remote control of the recording system. It can even be operated through the drape.