We're as invested in your well-being as you are

Designed to consider the unique challenges of the surgeon’s experience.

This innovative chair maximizes comfort and may help prolong careers. If it looks different, that’s because it is.

  • Ophthalmologists are often extremely susceptible to musculoskeletal injuries and pain due to poor postures and outdated equipment
  • Surgical Chair 900 assists you in operating for extended periods
  • Accommodates the differences in physician physiques—the seat height, seat back height, and seat back depth are all easily adjustable
  • Designed in collaboration with leading ophthalmologists. This is advanced engineering from a foundation of physician input.

You’ll think the Reliance Surgical Chair 900 was designed specifically for you.

The seat height, backrest height, and backrest depth are all adjustable with markings so that all parameters can be documented on the surgeon’s preference card and adjusted before surgery

Comfort is maximized. Even after hours of sitting.

  • Molded seat and backrest frame
  • Low contoured seat height
  • Direct locking anti-swivel casters
  • 3” central locking casters
  • Central pedal locations
  • Smooth surfaces easy to clean and disinfect.

“As an ophthalmologist, there’s nothing more important than ergonomics, especially if you develop neck and spine disease."

- Michael E. Snyder, MD, of the Cincinnati Eye Institute

Surgical Chair 900 - Doctors' testimonials

You’ve never seen, or felt, anything like this.

“Having a chair that supports the best ergonomics of the back, I can’t even guess how many years it might add to a surgeon’s career.”

– Michael E. Snyder, MD, Cincinnati Eye Institute
See why your latissimus dorsi will thank you.

“Haag-Streit got it right.” – Warren E. Hill, MD, East Valley Ophthalmology, Mesa, Arizona /// “This is really comfortable, surprisingly comfortable, something I didn’t know I was missing.” – Yuri F. McKee, MD, East Valley Ophthalmology, Mesa, Arizona

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